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Located in the historic clocktower building at 3401 Allen Parkway in Houston, Texas, Rita Lucido, P.C. has over 35 years of experience in the family law courts of Houston, Harris County, Texas, and the surrounding counties of Fort Bend, Galveston, Brazoria and Montgomery.

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RIta Lucido provides her clients with realistic advice and strategies for resolution of their family law case as efficiently and effectively as possible. (713) 527-0511

Rita Lucido

Practice Areas

Divorce LitigationEfficiently and effectively as possible

People experiencing a divorce are in an emotionally charged situation and deserve personal attention and immediate, compassionate and competent representation.

Custody LitigationWhen contested, the most important issue

Custody disagreements can lead to vigorous litigation sometimes involving court-appointed psychologist and amicus attorneys.

Collaborative LawA less adversarial process

For clients and their lawyers to resolve property division and child custody issues by problem solving and negotiation out side the courtroom.

Child SupportFor your child's necessities

Child support paid by one parent to another is generally required in all orders relating to children.

ModificationDecrees and Orders

Changes in orders relating to children can be accomplished by reducing agreements of the parents to a new order or changes can be made by the court after a hearing or trial.

MediationAn alternate to litigation

Mediation is an alternate to litigation as a way to resolve and finalize contested issues in family law cases.

ArbitrationPrivate resolution of issues

Arbitration involves the engagement of a private arbitrator to make decisions and rulings on issues outside the courtroom.

Marital AgreementsBefore or during marriage

Parties can, by contract, alter their rights provided under the Texas community property laws. These contracts can occur before or during marriage.

Other Family Law MattersWe have a wide range of experience

Rita Lucido, P.C.  handles a wide range of family law matters including post-divorce enforcement and clarification of decrees, retirement benefit division, and real estate matters arising from divorce.

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