Child Support


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Child Support

Many custodial parents rely on the support from the other parent to provide for the necessities of life for their children and beyond. At Rita Lucido, P.C., it is our priority to establish the approximate child support in the original proceedings using the laws of the State of Texas and considering the best interest of the child.

As children grow, so do their expenses. You may be entitled to an increase in the amount of child support you receive if there has been a material and substantial change in the obligor’s income. Alternatively, a decrease in the amount of support may be necessary due to changes in the obligor’s life such as job loss or sickness that has significantly reduced the income of the parent paying child support. Rita Lucido, P.C. has represented clients who are seeking to increase or who need a decrease in the payment of child support by filing litigation to modify the previous order.

Sometimes it may be necessary to go back to court to enforce an order to pay child support if there are missed payments by the parent who is to pay child support. The law makes available tools to enforce orders including wage withholding, levy of bank accounts, suspension of driver’s license and many more remedies that our law firm can seek on our client’s behalf.

The first step is to discuss and evaluate your personal situation and review your court order with our attorneys. Our law firm is committed to providing our clients with realistic advice and a strategy for resolution of the case as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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